What does it take to be happy?

10156624_6016901670577_289426501_nSome will say “do not live in fear,” or don’t let feelings get in the way of achieving goals.

A part of me admits that this is true, another part of me is thankful for all of the things I have gone through and all of the feelings I have felt to get me to this point in my life.

For if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to find my true self.

And that, to me, is more important than having millions of dollars and looking “good” to other people.

Now no matter what position I’m in, I have learned to stay positive and not loose myself.

When I do tend to get caught focusing on tasks too much, I take a minute to meditate and calm myself down before I go ahead.

Paying bills and all of the things we need to do to live in our society now takes away from being who we really are. But I would rather have people in my life to share nothing,  than to have no one to share anything with.

All of the things that have happened in my life have lead me to who I am now.

A wise man once told me;

“Take the good with the bad and roll with the punches.”

That was probably the best advice I could have ever been given.

Though, at the time I didn’t think anything of it. I look back now and that’s really the only thing that has kept me going.

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Squirt Guns & Goldfish: How to be happy at the office.

For the longest time I hated where I worked. From the radiator that’s barely attached to the wall, to the stains on the carpet, my office space significantly lacked ‘awesomeness’.

My office hosts a lovely grey laminate desk, a stylish faded maroon wheelie chair and some old filing cabinets that’s rusted at the hinges. This atmosphere robs all my passion and my desire to do anything productive. I asked around, and lots of employees shared the same feelings. I thought it was just me – turned out it wasn’t. The office was stale, sad and dry.

This is a HUGE issue when I work in a creative agency where you need that extra inspiration to produce solid work.

The struggle is real and I needed to find a solution. Knowing I would have little support from the higher ups (most of it budget) I had to find a creative way to cheer up my office, besides renting everyone an awesome limousine service to ride hgoldfishome in.

The first upgrade was the smallest. I removed my ugly tape dispenser and replaced it with a hot pink stiletto dispenser. It was flashy and it made me smile every time I used it.

I then added artwork. I hung bright colourful paintings on existing hooks so I wouldn’t get screamed at for damaging the walls. It was stuff that was at my house that I didn’t have space for. As an added bonus was my own artwork!

What I found interesting about this was that people now had something non-work related to talk to me about. It wasn’t just about business, it was about finding who I was outside the office. Questions like ‘ do you have a website?’ and ‘ how long have you been painting for’ was the norm. It felt great! I was no longer just another pay cheque, I was an actually living breathing person, with interests after work!

Then, things got fishy. For reel. (Pun!)

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You really are unique!!!

To put yourself in someone else’s shoes is harder said than done.

Realistically, you can never really put yourself in someone else’s shoes completely

Everyone experiences life differently, therefore.

Everyone has their own take on life, so telling someone what you would have done in that position may not be what they do.

Because maybe they haven’t learned what you have about yourself and maybe you haven’t learned what they know about them selves.

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize that everyone’s Introspection is different and being able to comprehend that you have a different voice inside of you (introspection) than anyone else’s.

For me, growing up as an only child, I’ve been inside my head most of the time.

I had always and for the longest time found myself running from it because I had to know others opinions and views insecurely wondering if I was normal.

I found out I was not.

But I didn’t embrace it.

Knowing I wasn’t the regular joe I would shy away from things because I thought I would say something and get laughed at. Later in life I realized that I had to embrace that because that’s what makes me who I am.

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Welcome to my new website!

Boom! Welcome to Dave Senoir. i just wanted to say “hello”. thanks for visiting, check back tomorrow for some new content!